Your economic life going up forever

Because you-do-mark-your-money with your better webdate.

Because marking some money at your way to join the WUW2 Engine your personal webeconomic markedspace in the WUW-Webmarkedcash_Universal_Web2 is a great free choice.

Very easy over your mousephone or another 4G3W communication screen. Nokia-Siemens, Yahoo-Google, Microsoft-Live or others tecphonewalkers.
It will be the economic icon to push for the creation of yours owndated webquantums. These marked parcels or finantial quantums are hosting your stock of webfished production factors. All of them are linked and recorded by your webcashmotor in your webcashaccount.
That personal production factors stay working for you 24/7, without any cost. Like a lucky webdynamic motor for live savings . Because when you datevalue some of your money, you receive the ownership of such OW (Owndated Webquantum) in your datevalors account (Your webcashaccount the safe-landing-webport of your Mousephone 4G3W it means your-cash-live-savings-motor). Datevaluation is cashkeeping (your right to revert in bank cash and so it is a riskfree action). Worldmatic connected action-to-action, the money link is money-for-money. As if you link your webmarkedmoney.

That's why your economic life must go up for ever. Because you know how to link money as Nokia do connecting people, you do quite better.

-Well, ok…but what about me ?!!!

-You..., look your 4G3W screen :

.Ask how much you have, where's your last profit & see your developing up speed ;

..Take the tour of your field_Personal Ownspaced Webaccount_, your datevalors property webmatic powered for results and plusvalues ;

...Cashput, if you like to mark more money to increase yours webmatic production factors ;

....Cashcall, if you like revert webmoney in cash bank money for free with any tax ;

.....Deal & receive, in web-security-belt conditions, it means : only to win, but selling time !

That’s why you prefer more-&-more to be a datevalor and less-&-less an investor.

In the Classic Economy your action over the money was limited. The economic vitamine _ the plusvalues _were reserved for investors . Only the investment were able to produce such plusvalues at the end of the process liquidity-investment-production-invoicing-liquidity. Usually the quality and the security of the production factors stay a broking-head in the seek Classic Economy.

Try now the usability your Webcashmotor, your new economic action. The money datevaluation ( substitute of the investment) for webcashmatic plusvalues in the Economy 4G3W. By Mousephone or another by4G3W ikoned communication motor. This ikon in your phone is your Webcashmotor. It is qualia. Cheers !

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